Commerce, industry platform marketing promotion Raiders

commerce, industry platform marketing, is a lot of enterprise website, choose more promotion. Compared with other promotion, it can bring more accurate customer, customer target, conversion rate is relatively high. And business, industry platform promotion can also bring a certain amount of traffic to the enterprise site, as well as some of the site’s chain, etc..

to do business, industry promotion platform, generally speaking, is the best "your"; first,

, include:

1, the nature of the platform:

The nature of

trade and industry platform, is a platform for the promotion of these you do, choose a crucial strategy, trade and industry platform from the nature, consulting, search, display, consulting website mainly rely on industry consulting, dynamic, information for the Lord, to do publicity through dynamic soft information consulting, enterprise; search sites mainly based on keyword search, by ranking search results to do publicity; display site is a relatively small number of sites, it mainly depends on the home page, and some large flow inside pages, through the product, enterprise logo, text, to promote an enterprise. Therefore, the different nature of the promotion strategy is different.

2, to clear the platform threshold;

business, industry platform to promote, unlike Baidu, or a number of forums, blog, you are good technology, understand the operation, the general can do a good job to achieve a certain effect. Trade and industry platform, they are basically commercial, although each platform can apply for free to apply for membership, but these are basically unwarranted, promotion, must know its threshold, can achieve a certain promotion, the most basic threshold, crossed the threshold, you have the opportunity to come to the fore as a Alibaba, the basic threshold is 2000/ years of integrity;

3, all available (promotion) resources;

crossed the threshold, we will explore and carefully, which in the end what can show where we are, what we can show the home plate, the inside pages of what the page we can show. What is the opportunity to show the text or picture, the proportion of what is the emergence of what will help improve the rankings, improve the exposure rate;

4, the pros and cons of resources;

a comprehensive understanding of the platform can be extended resources, we have to seize the focus, the focus is naturally these resources, those who are highly concerned about the visitors, the large amount of browsing modules and pages. Through the platform administrator, or some related tools, understand a situation of this platform, the forum to access the page, according to a demand analysis, choose oneself, we promote the focus and key points.

5, the platform update frequency, update time, ranking rules

to find out the main modules or pages that can be displayed, in order to be able to better and more in this area, the

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