Why not do social shopping site Amazon lack of Social Genes

whether it is search, social, shopping or cloud services, and ultimately than the data collection and analysis. Amazon (micro-blog) may not lack this, in fact, may do better.

is like the end of the year flood, the beginning of the year is always inevitable. Not long ago, the U.S. technology blog ReadWriteWeb Richard Mac editor Manus predicts that Amazon will launch a media centric social network this year, users on the network based on their reading, music and social development view.

‘s predictions are reasonable. With the Facebook submitted this month, IPO applications, social networking heat has reached a peak. From Shop.org, comScore and Social Shopping Labs survey of 1787 adult online shopping users results in 2011 April, about 40% of the users of online shopping through social media, to evaluate the product or for shopping. At the end of last year, Quorus Bowers, one of the founders of social shopping services, switched to Amazon Logan.

with the Internet penetration of life, now more and more personal data is mastered by the Internet Co, including the following three types of companies is to master the most personal data: Facebook master personal social circles, Google will have a personal search records, Amazon will have a personal shopping record.

based on the importance of social networking, Google has launched a social service Facebook competition with Google+, Amazon seems to launch its own social services is imperative. But shopping sites do social services may not be a good idea, even if it is hard to make a successful Amazon social service.

social value social network has begun to have a profound impact on the brand, consumers can more accurately determine the brand and products. This will greatly affect the marketing link, so Google will do Google+, because the social network is likely to subvert its search based advertising model. But on the Amazon website, more than consumers may not have too much influence to judge, Amazon may is always purchase the most suitable: because Amazon offers the lowest price and convenient delivery service.

social nature of people because of social relations together, this is Facebook and Google+, people because of a hobby and special needs together, this is LinkedIn and MySpace. But few people will get together for shopping, unless it’s a legend, but it’s not going to be a large group. So Amazon does not have a good social foundation.

return on investment is recommended to line up the system, Amazon at least 30% of the profits, this system is the use of technology from

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