Luo Yonghao Ma Huateng Lei entrepreneurship to contrast before and after the 8 chiefs told you CEO d

said that if the time is a Shazhu Dao, the entrepreneur is a machete. Today, push 8 heavyweights entrepreneurship and comparison chart, you experience a full range of business to the old driver who hurt, quick to see the glory and hardships are all written in the face of


hammer technology CEO

Luo Yonghao: after the start of the hair half of the gall stone doubled


(this is the hair problem or hairline back 5 cm)

a picture is heartless piece king, a middle-aged uncle of the state diagram.

contrast, almost like a sallow skin color to the temperament of gas explosion, feel ten years old, he said his hair fell by half, gallstones doubled, weight also increased by 20%.


Luo also change clothes, almost every business after wearing a shirt sleeve, someone asked him why, wearing the same clothes every day, he said: my life has too many things to decide.

in three and a half years founded hammer, Luo almost closely office, sleep five or six hours a night or less. Hammer UX product director Zhu Xiaomu said that their work flow is every Friday day, can go to many things they want to do the experiment again on Saturday, Luo from A to Z ten hours, open, from noon until morning. "Each and every one, and then finalized, is good, not good is, how to improve, we are all very."


Luo also didn’t do the thing, also may have sold to the music, but he never seems to regret, at least did not wear mouth too soft: "these difficulties with me the inexhaustible happiness, satisfaction, sense of achievement and incredible warm support and encouragement, or just a fart… A fart."

well, this is Luo Yonghao, Luo blessing.

millet founder

Lei Jun: 11 minutes a day will be 3 minutes time to eat now I am tired


(grandma grey hair color and clothes, like nature itself more thorough)

partial or the partial, can hair color has become a western style of Granny gray, who can tell me this is intentional or on the night of white hair color to a brother? I’m embarrassed to ask: Are you OK

?There are a lot of meeting

Lei Day, intensive day will have 11 will lead to him every day at noon, only 3 minutes of time to eat, and eat rice is also a common thing.

Lei Jun is also one of the most classic advice: "the business is definitely not a man to do, are worthless things, as a normal person will not choose entrepreneurship. Because once you choose to start a business, you choose a No.

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