How to be a good promoter

I started from the general website text editor, and now is a company designer, responsible for web development and design. Recently made one of their own site: prompted by a sudden impulse my goal is to provide for the owners of the exchange place, advocate the original, inside information is basically my years of consolidation. In the process of promotion to see a lot of webmaster website, found that many articles have no technical content, or a lot of articles are 05 years ago, but what is the beginning or the latest. I sigh in the head at the same time, many webmaster only technology, but forget writing. I’m here to write some articles, I hope to give you some help.

1. promotion must first understand what is promotion? What is optimization? Don’t listen to others, only you know what to search friendly audience what information you love, you will be targeted.

2. to promote their own understanding of the site where the customer base. A lot of webmaster is at a loss, it is dating sites, but ran to the webmaster forum post, I do not know now most of the webmaster forum is talking about technology.

The promotion of

3. technology in addition to also must have good writing, keen sense of smell. Not that kind of love will only copy and paste the promotion, not to say the technology is the basic content, appearance also have no, many articles have a typo, reproduced still typo. I suggest the promotion in the process can be posted to move retouching.

4. promoters will be the text of others into their own text. In fact, a little modification, together, coupled with their own point of view, it is easy to form their own style of writing.

above is my feeling these days, write it out, I hope to give you some help.

finally goes: network belongs to the webmaster – feel free to keep the URL

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