nternet queen’s annual report China Mobile nternet rapid development


technology – Beijing morning news on May 29th, the queen of the Internet "said the former Morgan Stanley Internet analyst, KPCB partner Marie · Mikel (Mary Meeker) this week at Re/code’s Code conference released the annual Internet trends report.

Mirko has released the report of the document, the following is the main points of the report:

– the growth in the number of Internet users has slowed to less than 10%. Smartphone subscriber growth is still strong, but also slow down.

– mobile data traffic is still accelerating growth, an increase of 81%. This is mainly due to the user’s demand for video services, mobile platform has accounted for 22% of video consumption.

– only 30% of the world’s 5 billion 200 million mobile phone users have a smart phone, so there is still room for growth in the future.

– the number of TV users worldwide is still more than the number of mobile phone users, both 5 billion 500 million and 5 billion 200 million.

– 97% of the world’s smart phones using the U.S. made operating system, and in the era before the emergence of the iPhone is only about 5%.

– relative to the time spent on mobile devices, mobile advertising has not yet reached the corresponding level of development, and print advertising is still far beyond the level of.

– the number of existing bitcoin wallet is about 5 million, up to 8 times last year.

– mobile dating applications Tinder users slide 800 million times a day, up to 21 times last year.

– 66% tablet users in the United States will be able to access the Internet while watching TV, while the 44% will use tablet PC shopping.

– 52% ESPN digital version of the user access to smart phones and tablet PCs, accounting for only about 48% of the total time spent by the user.

– China Mobile Internet users currently reach about 80% of the total number of Internet users in china. Compared with other markets, China’s mobile Internet users have reached a critical majority, and therefore will lead the revolution in mobile commerce.

– only 6 of the top 10 Internet Co are American companies, less than last year’s 9. More than 86% users of the top 10 Internet Co are located in the United states. "The Chinese market is developing rapidly". (Wei Jin)

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