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is the fact that the site access by word of mouth in the beginning of the birth of the Internet users from other accounts in the known address, so the search of all kinds of resources is difficult to. Until the birth of the search engine, users can be more convenient access to other sites and easy to find network resources, the real sense of the user to enjoy the convenience of the internet. Search engine makes more people can access to the basic face of the Internet, but also allows users to enter the threshold of the Internet suddenly reduced to the point where the predecessors can not expect to get. Just click on it, the search engine will be able to present any information they need. It is no wonder that today’s Internet users are accustomed to Google or Baidu search page set up for their browser home page.

in China, countless people through Baidu, Google (Google), and YAHOO (Yahoo) search engine to access the Internet and access to the required information. Because the user needs is as much as possible to solve the huge amount of personal information on the Internet needs, but also the only way to do is really the thrill of surfing the internet. Because even a phrase that is more difficult than in the Internet such a look for a needle in the ocean to the boundless marks in the library to find a book, but the user won’t silly to even check the bibliography entry is not to use check. Search engine is the same, but faster, more search results. It is now used in the second generation of search engines will likely or the birth of the third generation of search engines, the same is in demand of this type of tool can have a more simple operation to give users more or better search results. People are inevitably some inert, if you only need to click can achieve the effect will be not casually discarded. Fast access to the Internet world, which is why the search engine is so popular that so many people would like to use it as the browser’s home page. Because the search engine represents, as long as a little browser is tantamount to direct access to the internet.

and for 2006 of China’s Internet, Hao123 site created by the myth of the flow of traffic caused by the whole network tremor. Such a simple will be placed on the site of several large site links on the page can be so enthusiastic pursuit of netizens, perhaps because of the reasons and the reasons for the popularity of search engines are somewhat similar. Most Internet users China is isolated, and it is not possible to know the strengths at the big station station, find the installed software also needs to consult with others. The most important is that some people may find the favorites is needed to add to the beginning, and the beginning of the site to direct access to and then suddenly placed in front of the user. The site navigation station will normally need to place the site links on a page, basically can solve this problem. No wonder some people say that although the site navigation site and search engine belongs to the "fool" tool, but the site navigation popular direct description of the people in China is almost inert to.

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