Daily topic buy pattern will be rewritten U.S. mission network 2014 turnover exceeded 45 billion

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 5th news, in the past 2014, the group purchase website is undoubtedly the dominance of the US group net. 2014 results, the annual turnover exceeded 46 billion yuan, an increase of 180% over the previous year, of which the turnover in December was more than $6 billion 300 million. This is the United States mission to surrender the perfect performance in 2014 single


U.S. mission network currently covers nearly 1000 cities, representing an increase of more than 400% last year, more than the number of users of more than 200 million, a total of more than 10 million merchants in the country over the same period last year, an increase of more than 300%. In addition, the data also show that in the U.S. group net turnover of 46 billion yuan, the proportion of mobile transactions accounted for more than 90%.

2014, focused on the business group purchase U.S. group will adjust their position as "platform" at the beginning of a number of idle away in seeking pleasure, business line operations. On the one hand in the buy business cut into more market segments, including movie tickets and hotel business. On the other hand, have begun to reach the takeaway market, triggered a wave of fierce market competition. With the rapid development of the U.S. mission network, the competition pattern of the entire field is from the "three group purchase group separation" gradually to the "super two" direction.

at the end of last year, there is news that the U.S. group has completed a new round of financing, the amount of up to $700 million, led by the investment side of Sequoia china. It is not difficult to see that the future is not beauty group purchase group, with the main competitors in the public comment on the business of O2O tug of war is the U.S. group next business center. It is worth noting that many Chinese in group purchase website, which has not previously listed, only once the impact of the market failed to handle network.

U.S. mission network

related sources, in 2015, the U.S. group net will continue in-depth local life service platform of O2O services in the field of life, full force, turnover is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, consolidate its leading position in the field of O2O.

U.S. mission network

founder and CEO Wang Xing believes that at present all the industries in the information technology, the Internet, mobile Internet needs to line the idle away in seeking pleasure together, will produce a trillions of dollars in big market, the pace of transformation of the mobile Internet services and shaking degree of transformation of the retail industry over the internet.

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