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      from trying to write, to now display a text has been in a blank state, industry website where in the end decide on what path to follow,? How to exact a position for himself, is called the human brains, I 04 years from the operation site, music station, Education Advisory station, although not very successful, or for a personal webmaster or rather a college student stationmaster of non income, so that their determined after employment direction and always wanted to do, after graduating this year, has been in your own personal business website I joined an industry website bear, the site director of operations, start with confidence, by virtue of their relationship in the field of network, and their website pushing web traffic in a short period of time has been rising rapidly, but ignore the business website Fatal problem: traffic is not equal to the user. Users are their customers, is the object of our lock, we are based on the fundamental. But what does the user need? What do we offer to the user? I took this issue, the site was a column integration, layout adjustment. With a new version of my market research, once again into a dilemma. Now I haven’t introduced. I run the website, feel shy, call everyone to see a daze.
      the boss from the results of the survey, I still can’t lock the user, the direction of the big boss, but the boss also need to segment 70 before the boss (money, not the Internet), the boss of 70-80 (hard to earn money, no time the Internet), 80 boss (money), the survey: the Internet every day) is most interested in free recruitment, free publicity enterprise (company) products. The site in the end is positioned at that time, if located in the 80, the site within a short period of time can only have been operating at a loss, in the 80 year can only provide line service, but difficult, because the money is not missing): what,

1, do you surf the Internet?

2, do you have any plans to sell your product from the Internet?

3, when do you usually surf the Internet?

4, do you have a regular web site? What are the main aspects of the information?

5, what do you want to get through the Internet? China boss network is dedicated to provide services to the boss portal, you want to get online services?

6, the investigators introduced, the boss network functions and provide information, consulting and what services!

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