What is a micro quotient Micro business entry, do you really understand

micro business, the development of this industry is less than a year, it became the hottest topic in 2014. In the Internet, micro business must be ranked in the first place, and even more than the kind of taste of real estate, because it is also a place to create a myth, the miracle of the industry. We all know that the micro business fire on WeChat knew in a complete mess, as long as the circle of friends of friends around me will be in full swing, in the micro business. So what do you know about micro business? Do you really know the three basic theory of micro business entry?

first, the relationship marketing theory

all agent transactions are based on the relationship between China and the United states.

before we understand what is a relationship, let’s first look at the strong and weak relationships you are familiar with.

what is a strong relationship?

small, parents, relatives, such a relationship, and similar to those of our growth environment, living habits similar to eat something similar.

What can

strong ties bring to us?

provides resources, such as your parents to introduce you to an object, your friends to help you run a loan or give you a guarantee.

what is a weak relationship?

strangers, never seen, met on the road, together with everyone.

What can

weak ties bring to us?

provide information, I know you know, I do not know through your share also know.

these two relationships are not able to do a direct transaction, strong relationship to do the transaction is the direct selling, weak relationship is done to sell. When you develop your relatives and friends as agents, you will find that you will have no way to go.

what is the relationship?

between strong and weak relationship between the parents to introduce you, friends to introduce you, the weak relationship between the conversion.

what are the benefits of


he has a basic trust, sorry not to give money.

therefore, the micro business should be based on the relationship between the transaction, so you need to do is to communicate and weak relationships, transformation, to make strong relationships recommend.

two, emotional marketing

products will sell well? The product is good at the same time there must be emotion.

three, experience economy

your product must have a good experience. Therefore, the micro business must be to make up for his emotional channels, advertising and other deficiencies.

in fact, the current micro business, career oriented market over ripening.

what is career oriented? What you do is to make money.

what is a product oriented product before making money?.

but not too

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