Ucenter opportunity for our personal webmaster

imitation Facebook Ucenter home Comsenz program has been fully open beta, http://s.u.discuz.net/, the program will provide in the end of the month or next month to download. The basic function of the SNS should have, for each of us, you can easily build a "campus network" or "network home" this SNS network. The launch of the Ucenter will change the pattern of domestic SNS to a large extent, and even reform all traditional communities.

so far, in the country, "school" and "domestic" these Facebook followers, is at best a website, a platform, and the Facebook can be called a system (founder Kang Chuang Dai Zhikang). So from Dai Zhikang’s point of view, Ucenter’s ambition is to do a real Facebook in the country. Although the WEB2.0 profit model is not clear enough, but from the possession of the user’s point of view, to create demand, and to meet it, this decision is very DISCUZ with foresight and courage.

Then we are faced with the opportunity to see

: every large or small circle, can be a social network, now the threshold of technology is eliminated, for each resource has no action of the people, is a good opportunity for a new community of achievement. The traditional BBS is focused on the topic, and SNS is human centered, believe that the introduction of Ucenter, will be more than just a simple procedure, it will change the user’s habits, to change the status quo of domestic popular BBS, let everyone accept SNS. So even for the existing community, but also a rare opportunity for development and growth. We are most familiar with the campus BBS (or 98, once the misty) program into DISCUZ, combining with UCENTER, will greatly enhance the user stickiness, greatly enhance the user experience. This topic from the center to the user centric changes in habits and other reasons, it may take a long time to achieve, but it must be the trend of development.

individuals in the www.mmgo.com, the ideal architecture is based on SNS, so the program is very much looking forward to. In a hurry to write these words, I hope you can stand,

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