Today’s WeChat is just as crazy as yesterday’s SEO

SEO has created a number of myths, each webmaster want to make use of SEO in the network earn a pen. So, in the webmaster SEO is the webmaster has been often talk about the topic. But today, the topic of SEO is still as fire? No, then instead of it is "WeChat" why do I say that today’s WeChat is yesterday’s SEO? Because today’s WeChat is as crazy as SEO.

no matter where you are in the site, or in the video, or in the life, we can see everywhere that WeChat two-dimensional code picture. Everyone is watching the movie when they see a lot of people are playing WeChat, which shows that WeChat into people’s lives, as people can not do without the phone. So, WeChat is now like to play a kind of mobile network. Since some people play, is a good place for marketing. Therefore, many companies, businesses have begun to use WeChat marketing.

I would like to think of ways to share with you, I hope to give you some inspiration, can better use of WeChat marketing.

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first, forum WeChat marketing

Forum on how to make good use of WeChat marketing? We are on the forum post, you can put your own WeChat two-dimensional code plus in the post in the post time. We all know that the general post links will be deleted. If it is a two-dimensional picture of the code, I would like to have no reason to delete the forum manager posts. There is also the head of the forum can also use two-dimensional code pictures.

second, classified information network WeChat marketing

classified information network as the people network, 58 city and Ganji’s popularity is very busy, when we send the information on these sites, can upload pictures of the information, we can put our two-dimensional code to upload pictures in it. Before we are uploading pictures of some products, business cards, etc., but we rarely think of two-dimensional code.

third, video WeChat marketing

we can find some funny comedy or news video download down to the video to add a two-dimensional code of the picture, so that if you want to see more video scan two-dimensional code. If you add a URL in the video, then some of the video site is not approved by the audit, but if you get a two-dimensional code picture I think they have no reason not to pass. WeChat video marketing I believe that now do very little, only a few large video companies do.

fourth, QQ WeChat marketing

QQ is the most we believe in. Some people like to reprint diaries, some people like to write about. However, how many people on the micro credit. We can reprint some interesting diary in the article on the two-dimensional code picture, or WeChat account name. We can also use to talk about writing a talk on their own two-dimensional code. Including QQ avatar we can use.

There are many ways to

WeChat marketing, only

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