How to get a new domain name to get a good ranking

how to get a new domain name to get a good ranking

registered a new domain name today, tomorrow is hoping to be included, and there is not a post ranking, so it may be


is possible, but how do we do it?

first of all, we have to summarize, in determining the keywords, keywords ranking some key factors

A, space fast enough stability, with IP not too much garbage station

B, the domain name has not been K (very few new domain names), the domain name contains information related to the site, saying that the SEO station contains SEO, FoShan Railway Station contains 0757

C, web site SEO Optimization: the chain (that is, related articles, such as the next article), key words, such as density assurance

D, the number of articles included: the similarity is too high, if your site weight is not high, the engine will not be regarded as your collection.

E, the weight of the chain: how high the weight of the chain and the addition of the weight of the chain

ABC is one of my control, but the DE by the engine alone, even if the original is relatively high, if very high weight website reproduced, if you did not leave the link, it is not your article.

let’s look at some of the common engine processing on the new domain name

1, included

today is a registered domain name, wanted to be included tomorrow, is actually very easy, not to submit, but that the slow, only need to know Baidu, Post Bar, or some famous Adsense website on your website link, that morning, afternoon is included in your site.

GOOGLE is more stable and peaceful, will slowly increase the amount collected, however, although Baidu included, is only included a home page, and a week later you find that only included a front page, because Baidu has 20 days around the sandbox period for the new domain name, this time only included the home page, actually has included the other, just don’t put out.

2, the chain


GOOGLE chain on the hyperlink, the Baidu chain focus on domain name text, the two big engines for the chain of the new domain name appears to have called the assessment period, as long as there is a chain of your site included page, it will affect your ranking.

well, since we know some of the rules of the engine, we have a way to get a new domain name from the collection of a good domain name

home page, the original, the number of little more than the best, not less than twenty, so that the first page of the article links more, keyword density remained at around 4%, but remember not to put their own original high weight website other up, even in other high weight website.

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