Embarrassing H5 marketing have to play it

Tencent before the festival has just released the "mobile page report" that the user behavior of H5 marketing embarrassment. The report shows, H5 page sharing rate is 3.93% on average, the highest value is 22.39%; by the H5 page guide to download the APP conversion rate is 11.3% on average, the highest value is 36.6%; loading more than 5 seconds will have 74% users left page.

than these data is also embarrassing is that the numbers below: percentage of the denominator H5 itself that is the amount of reading (PV).

Tencent did not disclose the amount of reading, because some reading can not bear to witness the poor. The actual amount of reading and the amount of reading to the boss is two very different things. In fact, in addition to the individual maxed circle of friends H5, most of the nature of the marketing H5, circulation of the real amount of reading and traditional media as well as the goddess of measurements are unspeakable secret.

January 2016, MAKA application platform for big data platform "third party said the number of story" combined with H5 released the "2015 annual H5 insight report", the company released the commercial H5 per PV number and UV number were 954 and 693, and the average of each H5 was reading time is 380s (about 6 minutes). Can be shared 41 times. The average survival time of a H5 was 436639s, about 5 days. As can be seen from the PV distribution map, most of the H5 page PV number is not high, PV concentrated in the 0-200 of H5 close to 5, the H5 page of PV is less than 90%.




H5 set text, pictures, music, video and other means of display in a body, and is especially suitable for propagation through the mobile phone and other mobile terminal, therefore, coming after 2014, instantly swept the country, people should be used in all aspects of marketing, corporate communications almost by 2015, if not done H5, all feel shy say that they are marketing people.

in all the herd also fall over each other, planted the seeds of the weapon will eventually be abandoned.

is plagiarism popular

as long as there is maxed circle of friends H5, very fast, almost in the technical and creative methods on the H5 as like as two peas will appear immediately, such as public comment "on the word" we fire, according to incomplete statistics, followed by the size of the brand produced a follow-up of more than 80 words H5. And the speed of plagiarism faster and faster, the most exaggerated is that if the technology is not difficult, and perhaps even a few hours after the cottage version began popular. On the one hand, the prevalence of plagiarism greatly dampened the enthusiasm of the original, on the other hand, also caused the public’s aesthetic fatigue

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