Online education warming lessons for Baidu shares a good future


Author: Lei Jianping

technology Tencent was informed that the online education platform pass class network has been Baidu strategic investment, another education website is educational institutions (formerly Xueersi) M & a good future.

data show that the communication network is a lesson C2C online education service platform, founded by former employees Kingsoft offers a full set of online education solutions, including C2C course release and transaction payment services, online interactive classroom and IM services. Liu Ren won early and amoebic capital investment, in July last year and obtain A round of investment from bertelsmann.

is reported that Baidu’s millions of dollars in investment in July this year to the account. Pass class network value Baidu massive flow of resources, the intention to learn where to go in the field of education model.

analyst Liang heat revealed that in the first half of 2013, Baidu education received 1 billion yuan advertising revenue. BAT, Baidu has traffic entrance location, the most qualified to do education, education will be the second largest source of Baidu, Baidu is the first medical."

informed sources, in September of this year, a significant position in the home page Baidu library courses to open a live broadcast area, the link of the injection of Baidu network. In addition, Baidu as the O2O platform, search for educational institutions providing online courses, such as IELTS in Baidu launched online English course, eventually leading to its school.

this is another investment in the field of online education this year. In July this year, the education website page of B $20 million round of financing, a record of online education in the field of the record of the largest single financing, the company’s valuation of $200 million. That an investor admit mistakes, called the Shanghai river network prior to each round of financing he talked about, but the valuation is very high, resulting in missed opportunities.

and 91 foreign networks similar Kingsoft’s good teacher is also brewing split, development in Jinshan system. With 91 different net foreign teachers, good leader make pure American teacher one on one instruction. Kingsoft CEO Wang Xin revealed that a good teacher has a very good cash flow, and Kingsoft resources support, the future will maintain steady revenue in B2C on the basis of a breakthrough in B2B.

also started the Internet predators online education market look at fiercely as a tiger does. Online education platform Taobao announced yesterday officially launched on the net, ah, that is, hi net group, global school, quality rice network, education, etc.. 150 domestic training institutions and interactive online education platform Hujiang network has settled Taobao Suntech’s classmates.

The official version of the Taobao

and the Taobao original students education category completely draw a line. Classmate Taobao director Pei Binfeng, Taobao will focus on online education, primarily through live and taped video interactive online teaching in two ways. Taobao this move also makes some students feel nervous Yuzuo education platform website. A >

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