WeChat this year, about 200000 articles dealing with rumors about 100 thousand related rumors accoun

Beijing November 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Cheng Chunyu) today, the WeChat report issued by the Tencent, "ecological security" (2016), WeChat public platform rumor rumor center has more than 600 thousand articles have been published, the average daily number of more than 1 million 600 thousand popular science; 2016 has a total of about 200000 articles dealing with rumors, rumors pass rumors about a 100 thousand penalty account.

reported that in the first three quarters of 2016, WeChat cumulative disposal of illegal and harmful information 21 million 960 thousand, close all types of accounts and groups of 2 million 370 thousand. At present, WeChat live account number has reached 846 million, WeChat every day to remind users are hacking risk safety tips million times, every day to help users successfully complained more than 5.7 accounts.


WeChat security control official, Tencent security policy expert Jin Xuan report.

said WeChat, WeChat public platform rumor Center since 2015, a total of more than and 470 institutions to join a professional organization, covers the government, media, and implementation in various food safety, health, public safety and services in areas such as the full coverage of the rumor.

in addition, WeChat resolutely combat group chat released jurisprudence content or in jurisprudence transactions, setting up a complaint entrance remediation; optimization identification and control ability of indecent video, vulgar picture; WeChat public platform processing jurisprudence harmful information over 100 thousand, closed permanently jurisprudence WeChat group 8546, Feng Ting jurisprudence person account number 9183.



report shows that WeChat and QQ total of more than 16500 gambling group limited group functions, more than 10000 serious gambling behavior account limit payment or envelope function; Tencent closed gambling group of more than 25000, more than 35000 illegal gambling account, cracked 14 cases, arrested 129 people, involving over 200 million yuan.

November 24th, jointly sponsored by the Tencent Inc, the network security association of the 2016 Internet Security Forum – WeChat security ecological sub forum held in Beijing, Tencent released the report at the forum.

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