1024 is a long history of birth on the nternet vulgar history

Abstract: kitsch is not only related to the culture and art of compromise and lack of creativity, it also relates to the whole social atmosphere of the poor and mediocre, kitsch is a kind of no progress to innovation attitude, practice is a simple and conservative, is a transparent and flexible discipline and punish.


first, a question is: friend, do you know 1024?

I said that

is not only out of thin air "programmer", or the user replies with "1024" for the characteristics of the XX community.

in fact, any attempt to keep the operation in a certain activity and the level of community will set their own limits, as can be imagined in the reply, XX community discussion atmosphere is almost impossible to produce any valuable content. In spite of the user and content of the interaction mechanism is almost stagnant not surprised, however, that is fantastic, this 5 years ago because the fire room and open the registration two days in Chinese and Internet forum and it does have a volume is not entirely consistent influence.

1024, as is the sacred Chinese in 42 general digital Internet, it is like a group of argots and incision, pointed out to everyone a path leading to the Internet of mirkwood. According to this figure, every familiar or unfamiliar person seems to be able to get a secret pleasure and identity in a flash of tacit understanding.

AV is a metaphor for the community, the discourse mechanism of the community and the imagination and consumption of

. The parties confirm each other to this community and AV work and be able to discuss the cognition, the only familiar way in public, they are obviously in the open Internet world, in the discourse mechanism to establish their own understanding, use of pornographic works to challenge and challenge to the social common sense and norms.


a copy of "Quan", hidden in San Francisco MoMA

In a sense

, as Duchamp (Marcel Duchamp) works "Stephen" (Fountain) or Andy · Warhol (Andy Warhol) 485 minute single lens works "The Empire State Building" (Empire), is a system of 1024 heresy outside the normal discourse framework and mechanism.

in fact, pornography has always been an important part in the production and dissemination of content, to late 1450s, Gutenberg (Johannes Gutenberg) has started a large-scale printing, as early as this more than and 100 years ago, Bio (Giovanni Boccaccio) of "The Decameron" (The Decameron).

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