Starting from the third party service, mininggold you

said the first two stories. The first story is one day, people found a golden hill, everyone stampede in to gold, in the face of the crowd, a young man whim, not to sell the water, so as to dig gold, a lot of money to get the income.

is the second story, recently the Olympic torch in China inland transfer, a hawker took the chance, the flag T-shirt, along the way to sell, now 100 thousand yuan profit.

these two stories have a common characteristic is to rely on the third party service to make their own profits.

construction site is also true.

a lot of entrepreneurs in the business, dig hollow thought some new ideas, hoping to make their own characteristics, but behind this feature is a hard concept promotion and product promotion process, most of the time, when you did not put their ideas to others, because of funding problems collapse. For example, the famous SNS UUZONE social networking site is a lesson.

relies on the third party service of existing products to develop itself, depending on the new ideas, new ideas to create a website, it has some advantages.

1, the concept of promotion cost savings

third party service is built on the basis of the existing concept, operators do not need to spend a lot of effort to promote the concept, just need to improve the concept can be.

2, excuse, leveraging

rely on a number of well-known sites to provide third party hosting services, you can rely on the popularity of these large sites, fame to drive the development of their own website.

may be the concept of this issue alone, a lot of people do not understand, then I would like to give an example of "blog", so that we understand the concept of third party services.

blog is a personal information release platform, different from the BBS message board. Many people love to use the blog to express their point of view, this is a Web2.0 way, many companies see after this point, the establishment of a blog site, such as the NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog bus, etc..

people are very happy to these free providers set up their own blog, but as a tourist I, can not be arranged to view the blog content, for example I want to see the web pages of the blog, I would need to open the Sina blog, then open the NetEase blog, then open, then open the blog bus that day, this is how things ah!

some smart friends discovered the problem, so the feed aggregation service was born, through the feed polymerization, we can cross the field we want to read the blog, which is exciting!

look, this is a typical case of mining profits through third party services. "Free blog platform" is a golden mountain, but there are a variety of problems in the Jinshan, these questions

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