Personal insight the network of friends in the world

look for ah find friends, find a good friend, a salute, shake hands, you are my good friend.

this is the song that I sing when I was in kindergarten, and I remember it all the time. The simple five words of the song, "find" the word appeared on the four. Visible in the social thing, the most important thing is to find this a process, only to find to be able to become a good friend".

network world is very large, very rich in resources, potential "good friend" also has a lot of. But how to in such a huge amount of information on the "find"? Is not to go to many places to find? Through many kinds of ways to find a suitable for their own "good friend"? This process is very tedious will? To the end rather cumbersome alone


take care of is how to interpret this "looking" word? For this "find" take care of the attributive many, mainly reflected in the "active" and "freedom" and "waiting for" termination "".

"active looking". Only the initiative to others to show their own ability to make others aware of their own, as if the reality of social. In a not very familiar place only to take the initiative to find someone to talk to let others know who you are, slowly understand you, and you become friends. So how do you think of the initiative in the process of taking up the online use of the 20 key words you have?. Where do you want others to know you, find you, please choose those keywords. When people click on the keywords you choose, you will become an inevitable thing. In this way, you are on the site to complete the initiative to let others see you this process.

, of course, everything is predictable. Keywords may choose not produce themselves to achieve expected effect, or do you want to expand your social circle, this time how to do? "For free" played a prominent role in this time. You can at any time according to their own needs to adjust the 20 keywords. Keep them in tune with your social plans. On the world, all walks of life with the free adjustment of keywords you will become omnipotent online.

in the reality we tied up to do other things, can only concentrate on a thing to do. For example, in the "social" occasions, in this circle of chat very happy, while the other side began to talk about the topic is also what they are interested in. You choose again in front of. Really want is Sun Wukong, just blow a hair can become another himself to the other side. So it can be delayed on both sides. But this is just a dream.

take up to realize the dream of people, that is "tagged to find". By adjusting the keywords planned to outline the one interest circle. What are the benefits? You can really become a big monkey.

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