How to do a good job of social marketing Social dividend review

August 24th, 27773it Crowdsourcing service platform (WeChat public number: zhongbao27773) "the social dividend" invite author Xu Zhibin teacher in Beijing, Haidian Zhongguancun Zuo’an commune (Yan Hui). The organization held a line sharing exchange activities:

27773it crowdsourcing service platform founder Zhang Haibo presided over, first of all, please introduce yourself on the scene. Let everyone know.

next, Xu ebullience, shared social theory off the reel, for everyone. The following is a summary of the activities, how to do a good job by Xu teacher social marketing


1, the past accounting for the effect of advertising, thousands of people to spread the cost of measurement. Massive user coverage. I visited the main media, media people, there are several outsourcing company, the Navy turned PR company.

2, WeChat circle of friends, yimushixing. Every minute is a luxury units. A unit of measurement in a social context.

had a lot of time in the past. There’s a lot of time to waste. Recommend you look at the "cognitive and you" this book.

3, in fact, because of all the people, a lot of control, the interaction between people has become a unit of measurement.

4, the past is a large platform, large organizations, large structures.

5, social age, is defined to do things. However, defining your users is not feasible in your social life. You don’t know who he is,


6, what’s the use of cheap entertainment? In fact, it’s a waste of time.

7, WeChat circle of friends, you can yimushixing. To occupy 2-3 hours. During this period, there are numerous definitions.

8, your friend has a waste of demands, needs. So, you think, how to occupy his time?

9, how much do you want to open a public account in a social age? How do you read the news and watch the news?

10, research on the three flow: information flow, capital flow, logistics.

11, information manufacturing, information provision.

12, because of the small things that discuss your whole.

13, the relationship between the chain, the current situation of large funnel!

14, now, a living network of five km. Has risen very fast. For example, it is a taxi, before turning around in the vicinity, and now began to cut through the taxi, as long as the button, the car automatically.

15, what do you do when you share,


16, we have been wasted, no cost waste.

17, in the past advertising communication depends on the cost of conversion. Now, the efficiency is high, the efficiency is very high, very HIGH.


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