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The so-called

word-of-mouth marketing refers to the products or services of the enterprise through between people’s word of mouth, so as to achieve a certain brand or product promotion. It is real, worthy of scrutiny, it produces a positive, practical experience is the real experience of consumers. Personally feel that word of mouth marketing is divided into two kinds, one is the positive word of mouth marketing, one is the negative word of mouth marketing.


positive word of mouth marketing

positive word of mouth marketing is from other people out of the good data. We all know that good data is very important, and in the face of the rapid development of the Internet trend, word of mouth marketing quickly grow up. Today, there are a lot of channels can be word-of-mouth marketing, such as the popular network of micro-blog, the fragmentation of the spread of the word of mouth to the enterprise is also very obvious. Because micro-blog’s information is positive, there is no one company will put their own bad side of the company posted on micro-blog. So micro-blog word of mouth marketing is a major choice for enterprises, but micro-blog is not you want to play can afford. Or go back to the positive word of mouth marketing, the author is just a marketing staff just started, so the point of view, if it is not right, please criticism.

in my mind positive word-of-mouth marketing, rather than through relatives, friends, or friends of the mouth to pass out the information. Such information is the most real and most acceptable. For example, speed transit network, is a good example. First talk about the author is how to know the speed of the network, the author is a network marketing staff, but also a love of writing, like the poor short comment. Because I like to write reviews and online marketing articles, so my friend told me that you can publish the article to speed, if they feel good editor, will recommend you. And this fast transit network is focused on grassroots bloggers and original articles. Then I will try to hold the mentality, so mixed up on the speed transit network. So this is a way of communication between friends, very direct, but also the most effective. I remember when to find a job in Shenzhen, a corporate interviewer asked me, you will write the article? I said, okay, often published articles in the speed transit network, and I also speed transit network columnist. I also asked whether he knows the speed transit network? If he do not know the answer, then I will tell him the site’s influence in the industry, if he knows it, this website powerful influence. And say it can prove some of their strength. As far as I know, the speed of the columnist is not less than 500 people, these people are the best word of mouth spread of power, because they communicate with friends or colleagues in the industry point of view, it will be invisible to express the speed of. The invisible power of communication is the most powerful. This is a kind of transmission chain, speed transit network is very good to seize this point, so the speed transit network success.

negative word of mouth marketing

since there is a positive word of mouth

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