An analysis of the 1+1+1+N strategy of WeChat marketing

PC in the network marketing of the wind after the WeChat marketing has become a large number of enterprises follow the outlet, how to do WeChat marketing enterprise, how to do WeChat marketing? Are living in front of the small and medium-sized enterprise insurmountable!


E today, according to their own actual combat experience and WeChat marketing research, throw a marketing strategy: 1+1+1+N strategy.

1:1 subscription number;

1:1 service number;

1:1 personal micro signal;

N: a lot of and above 3 direct and indirect relationship between the subscription number, personal trumpet;

why E guest to put forward this marketing strategy, in fact, I was standing in a business WeChat whole network extension of the idea of the customer to do the layout. Now the enterprise, if you do not have the WeChat public numbers feel that you OUT! In fact, this is not a fashionable problem, but to adapt to the needs of the times, to meet user needs. Where our users, we should look to where, we have the market, there is a steady stream of resources and the inexhaustible motive force of development.

1 subscription number:

the name of the company with the name of the subscription number, subscription number can be pushed once a day, each message can contain 8 graphic information.

why do companies need a WeChat subscription number? On the one hand to protect the brand, on the one hand to expand the user, one of the most important is that it can interact with the user, the final transformation. Now there is a WeChat certified "certification name only" principle, if someone had registered your brand name registered WeChat certified public number, but also it will cause no small impact on the enterprise’s own brand, standing on the brand protection point of view, this is the first issue to be considered. The subscription number every day can have been concerned about their users a mass of information, no time limit, but no restrictions, no limits, but also completely free, compared to the mobile phone SMS marketing from the marketing costs is to save a lot of marketing costs; moreover, subscription number for push information every day, can be a good graphic get a better spread, can attract more accurate user interaction and communication by fans, after slowly fans into the enterprise real customers. The number of subscribers more fans, the more the conversion, with the mobile Internet low-cost, fast response characteristics, in the latter part of the customer can grow exponentially.

1 service number:

company brand name service number, service number per month can push 4 times, each time the message can contain 8 text at the same time, service number has a custom menu function, can do external links;

subscription service number No. why? For most enterprises do not need to have their own service number, service number does not in fact any business needs, but as long as your business in the provision of services, service number must have, why.

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