nventory of nternet bigwigs different styles of micro-blog self marketing


a few days ago, the network crazy Ma nightclub news soon. Ma Yun clarified on micro-blog:

my little meat before age is passed but in pure "Bacon", the weekend can go to bully ah ha

? "

after this statement, users can not help but sigh: sure enough, Ali’s most powerful public relations or Ma boss himself.

indeed, "meat" and "Bacon" bully "ah ha ha" words like Ma with ease, it seems that Ma of the Internet big or well versed in network culture people.

era of the Internet to bring these Internet heavyweights to become a star, they also have a number of loyal fans. In fact, about micro-blog on self marketing strength can not be underestimated. Good use, you can play the effect of 42 pounds.

but in fact, how to implant their own brand is also a trick.

, Ma Yun: Youth Welfare practitioner


most of the Internet Co’s CEO, are based on their own position as an authentication information, but Ma is not, he is certified director of the global board of the nature conservancy.

we can naturally think that Ma’s reputation is too large, has no need to introduce, we have him and Alibaba together. But as the Nature Conservancy, Ma, the benefits of this identity is clearly more. What we see is no longer a smelly merchant. But a dedicated social success of environmental protection, a socially responsible Alibaba (although this does not seem to matter what Alibaba).

in addition to this, Ma also want to do young people’s spiritual mentor.




and about women’s rights:


in addition to Ma Yun, as well as in reality can not be black Lei Jun, for Mr. Lei, micro-blog marketing is like playing a battle to turn over.

two, Lei Jun: get a good impression from black

in India millet conference, Lei Jun is a big show of English. He Chinese most familiar with "How are you?" opening, and several of the fans of the name "Are you OK?" plus the English tone and usually say Chinese accent is very similar, lead the audience laughed. Then Wang Sicong Tucao its English too slag. Wang Sicong later apologized at micro-blog. "Last night on Rebs’s micro-blog apology, after all, the previous generation of entrepreneurs without the conditions of our generation. Ray total, Are you OK the next time you need you contact me?."


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