Travel website promotion strategy – Preparation for travel

if you are interested in the promotion of tourism sites or that you optimize some of the site’s basic things have not yet mastered, see this article.

immediately went to the annual tourist season, so the promotion of tourism sites in some travel service companies seem more important.

travel website promotion strategy of a series of articles, will be combined with physical tourism website, Dunhuang tourism network ( construction, promotion to write. Now the tourism site in Dunhuang is still in the most basic state, there is no outside the chain, the internal structure of unlined upper garment, no good content, and so on!

In fact, the

website just as tourism, what things must prepare beforehand, so to do good work, must first sharpen his


today we are going to see the travel website promotion strategy.

CMS, CMS content management system, there are many online, CMS: the CMS is using Dede web content management system, the CMS needs the support of PHP+MYSQL, recommended use of lottery friends. We use the case website is easy website management system, this system is still in the market Chinese, he needs ASP+ PowerEasy support components, in fact, generally choose what kind of CMS can affect the whole site optimization.

Summary: we

do when the site is not necessary in this spend too much of the fee for each CMS, each one has his good points, each man has his limitations, choose their own on the line.

web site is the overall construction of the table format, or DIV+CSS format. DIV+CSS format is very popular now, from the loading and display speed is better than the table format, but for some of the DIV+CSS is not familiar with the site friends, table format is also possible. Do the Dunhuang tourism website as a case to analysis (, the entire station is DIV+CSS and mixed to the table, I love this way, because sometimes DIV+CSS control is not good, select the table or when the mix must be wise, because give users the best visual impression is very important. Perhaps some people will say that you love the search engines love? TOM travel, SOHU travel, tourism and other well-known NetEase tourism website, do travel websites must be familiar with the analysis, the last time, their code with mixed yourself with CTRL+F test if you don’t believe in it.

Summary: if the construction of

DIV+CSS can complete the entire station (of course, some of the details, I will in the future in the DIV+CSS series are described in detail in the article), it is very good, if the DIV+CSS is not very good control, can choose the table, because we are facing users, not the search engine. < >

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