Text and picture ads how to attract traffic to retain users

almost spared some time ago due to the medical industry in large quantities is down right, we are no exception, plastic surgery hospital, less flow part consulting less a part of the overall business dropped a lot, so leaders in order to expand their business from the net to business damin. 2 months, copy things leave, let me take it from her hand on the Damin network advertising, mainly for the Fujian nets in Damin Mini window advertising text and pictures to do some creative marketing, attracting QQ users click on our ads, resulting in consulting and booking.

Meet a lot of problems during the period of

, but have overcome over, now consulting and the amount of traffic is basically stable, compared to other hospitals will be much better in Damin advertising. I summed up the text, pictures, how to attract more users.

1, first of all to know and analyze the user’s behavior and habits why users will come to your advertising platform, what needs. As a section of the QQ window Damin Tencent, are generally open to students, work or rest in the home of uncle aunt, just looking for something interesting or interested in some of the content sent to kill time, the majority of user groups, between the ages of 15-50, concerned about the hot news: gossip, entertainment and shopping, etc., so we must to go this way when we write the title and picture.

Then the

network is in Fujian Damin users, and we are in Fuzhou, to shaping the basic user from Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian four areas, with more convenient, so according to these local user habits and customs analysis, see what is more suitable for them, such as the summer in Fujian is hot. The sun is poison, but also by the sea, so the stain, sunburn more, on the topic will be more people click on the spot. For example, workers sitting every day, exercise less, the stomach will inevitably have effects of image, so can more special liposuction. Different strategies for different user groups.

, 2 different advertising position title can not be the same, the guide is not the same, such as the Tencent Mini window text links, as shown in Figure 1, is the type, this section of the user group is the largest, but a lot of page text links, to achieve the effect, can attract eyeball to the public, simple and practical, can have a demand, can arouse their interest to click. There are 2 kinds of this type of title, a direct advertising, links to topics, the title is simple and practical, for example: a fine against a small pot; another is made of the type, type of gossip and entertainment articles, insert ads in the article, the title to gossip, entertainment, interactive can cause the user to the controversial. For example, Fujian women’s eight shortcomings.

Figure 2

and advertising, the advertising has been enough to attract the eye, as long as there is a demand aspect, click on a lot of people, so the most practical, some preferential information can be directly, it is important to reflect their own advantages, such as professional, >

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