Married comments, leaving the watercress watercress this slow growth of the company for ten years

public comment finally belongs. When it comes to public comment, I always think of another slow company: watercress, Yang 1 months to develop the community.

it has become an interest in the social kingdom. As of the end of 2013, watercress has 79 million registered users, independent of UV,, 230 million, PV. Users through the website and App each day using movies, books, city, team, FM and other 10 services. However, it is still not profitable, as IPO or acquisition, Yang Bo seems to have not thought about this problem.

ten watercress, grow too slow

in the number of users and product line growth, while the team did not significantly expand the watercress. According to watercress students, the company has more than 380 employees, considered medium-sized Internet Co. But from the user’s point of view, watercress is a large Internet Co. While the size of the growth of the size of the site can be controlled, because watercress is China’s most typical slow company". The so-called slow company, Baidu encyclopedia explained as follows:

company is a slow relative to the Internet society now, the pursuit of development speed, slow company has the characteristics of their own personal independence of conduct, conscientiously do their own thing, in the Internet sector is raging like a storm bland but also flavorfully. This is a slow company, such as watercress, public comment, etc..

public comment has changed in the past two years style, accelerate the pace of expansion. 2010 buy hot when the public comment launched buy platform, the market share after the u.s.. A year after the employee group purchase number increased from 300 to 1600, now simply put a giant arms Strike while the iron is hot.. Zhang Tao figured out.


still has not changed much personal independence of conduct. In the commercialization and capital operation watercress still nap.

2012 watercress revenue 80 million, close to profitability. Watercress close friend told me that the 2013 watercress advertising revenue of billions of dollars, reading, movie tickets, FM’s revenue is unknown. As to whether it is profitable, it says "no profit for a friend".

good financial statements, is the premise of IPO. In 03 years, the wave of entrepreneurial tide up the company, YY, where to go, the car home, 3G portal, Jingdong has been listed on the road, UC, the 9158 is likely to leave in 2014. Look at these small partners, watercress can calm it?

ten years alone, distinctive personality

watercress is a rare non C2C (Copy 2 China) Internet product. In foreign countries, there is no climate watercress cottage products appear. This may be destined to take an unusual way watercress, no predecessors, peers and competitors can provide reference. The lack of interference of external factors, watercress big growth.

positioning simple, for China’s interest in social networking >

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