CCTV launched a mobile phone website to explore the combination of television and mobile phone busin

September 10th, air network announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with CCTV network, jointly launched a new mobile phone CCTV network ( Air network will make full use of its strong ability to integrate resources in the field of wireless Internet, providing services for the national audience watching the CCTV program with mobile phones.

mobile phone will provide rich and colorful graphic information, including the very characteristics of the online audition, wireless Internet 3G services, wireless audio and video on demand network community games and other interactive services. In addition, TV programs and other practical information is also convenient for mobile phone users to query at any time. Air network is currently based on CCTV news, entertainment, music, sports and other key sections of the channel and the content has been set up.

air network chairman and CEO Wang Leilei said, this and together, is between the strong network of new audio-visual media and the advantages of wireless Internet enterprise for all-round cooperation between television and mobile phone user interaction and the business model will be established is an extremely important market exploration.

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