Security measurement platform HackerOne get $40 million C round of financing

security platform HackerOne public test on Wednesday announced $40 million C round of financing, HackerOne said they would use the money for technology research and development, business expansion and growth of the white hat community plan, white hat number will be more than 100 thousand people.


HackerOne profile

HackerOne is a venture in the United States, San Francisco, the vulnerability of the public measurement company, which provides a platform for software as a service, is one of the first to accept and take advantage of hackers to develop a business model. The HackerOne platform can provide technical support and automation to enterprises, institutions, and help them to management and bug bounty program.

by Alex Rice as the company’s CTO, Merijn Terheggen any CEO, Jobert Abma any technical leadership, Michiel Prins product manager.


May 2014, HackerOne was led by Benchmark A $9 million round of investment; in June 2015, HackerOne received $25 million B round of investment by the NEA lead investor, investor Nicolas Berggruen, Brandon Beck, David Sacks, Jeremy Stoppelman, Drew Houston, Marc Benioff, Benchmark etc.. The $40 million C round of investment HackerOne this Wednesday from the Dragoneer investment group led other investors, including NEA, Benchmark and Strategic Investors.

HackerOne 2016

HackerOne according to statistics, since the HackerOne platform was established, more than 700 users have helped solve more than 38000 security vulnerabilities, vulnerability bounty total amount reached more than 1400 dollars. In 2016 alone, $7 million was awarded to the white hat.

2016 is destined to be a year for HackerOne to take off. In this year, the U.S. Department of defense on the HackerOne platform launched the first time in the history of the U.S. government vulnerabilities – Hack the Pentagon. Finally, more than 1400 white hat found and solved the 138 vulnerabilities.

HackerOne customers include Airbnb, CloudFlare, general motors, GitHub, New, Nintendo, Qualcomm, Starbucks, Relic and Lufthansa.

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