Troubled site traffic pain points where fans

New Year’s new thinking, too lazy to go to the whole of what the data map, mesh diagram, curve table, and some things can not play inside the system, from a large perspective.

I understand the

website, since 2013 is a few years ago, those in deep distress, infinite surface scenery site, has gradually faded his skin, exposing some of the mess and the crisis, in the face of such a situation, various experts and experts also The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, there are different views and opinions.

What is the

website operation? Where is the pain point of a website traffic?

I think I found myself that is more reliable answers, is a simple and intuitive answer, a two word answer – fans. For a long time, we say a good website, said the policy, said structure, said the original, the chain said, said, said data, said the brand authorization, said derivatives, but how many people will go to our fans in


fans are not everyone, he has his own boundaries. Occupation is a division, the region is also a kind, including age, education, culture, etc. can cast a group of hardcore fans. A woman is a fan of a website? They are, but only a small piece of cake. It is also divided into girls, young women, female students, the old lady, Chinese aunt. Also, bear children long separated type, type, type, and playfully coquettish type, type, type of autism lack a sense of security. Whether innocent girl or bitch, as long as you have a website they need pain points, then they will be your fans.

from the audience’s point of view of the audience, fans is a key, he can help a website break an existing pattern and bottlenecks, to achieve a new height. A web site, not whimsical to let all the people love, from 18 years old to 78 years old young love. This is not scientific nor reasonable, someone will love someone who love you hate, find the website of fans, even if it is only a small part, you can do the audience positioning and market segments, can find their own survival and development from the space, will not be made into a large number of subjects of congestion and waste of financial resources will ease the link between industry content offsetting friction.

why do fans have so much energy? In the final analysis is a kind of emotional identity and follow. Why is the so-called marketing gurus and V are on the Internet can summon wind and call for rain? Cannot do without those who call them for their teacher and the God of the grass root. They have become a kind of brand and banner, become a kind of emotional sustenance, a lot of God even behind the blog content quality decreased significantly, the fans were still behind is the truth regardless of the weather. Now the network marketing, bestie, God, did not hear the teacher, the great God, bestie, predecessors recommended, sorry, basically no one will bird you, not to mention your consumption.

summary is to find your fans, you will find the net >

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