QQ interested tribal day drainage in 4000 WeChat fans practical experience

now many webmaster like to promote the article, I think the main reason is that the audience of this kind of article, more pleasing. This also led to a series of side effects, a lot of articles just to gain flow, operability is poor, even some of the author himself never practiced. You are not going to practice or not, but also to teach others how to do closely reasoned and well argued, this article has significance? Not modesty, I seldom write myself to do things, I do, really feasible, I will share out.

I wrote an article yesterday, the use of QQ interest tribe drainage 10000, some friends said in a message, "more difficult". Really difficult, really difficult to implement it? No, I will prove to you is not too difficult, you do not have to operate. This morning I wrote later, why? I just go to the practical QQ interest tribe, I will let you see the real effect. QQ tribe of interest can be drained to a lot of places, I am here to drain to WeChat for example. Kids under the age of 18 to enter.


as you can see, I use the QQ tribe of interest, bringing about a WeChat fan every three minutes. And I need to tell you is that this is just published a "topic", imagine the effect brought about, and if I published 10 articles? You also saw, that I do not have in, well, look at the eyes, I give you the "dry cargo sharing".

this is the topic I published


The content of the topic of the

to add micro signal, but do not use the word "WeChat" in the middle with a facial expression to prevent automatic shielding.


of course, the topic is not beauty, or you are a great masters, who will go to see.


as for this kind of beautiful pictures where, this kind of problem you don’t ask me, everywhere is.

interest tribal drainage, we can learn. There is no interest in the operation of the tribe, I give you a tutorial

first open the phone QQ


below this self timer tribe, for example, we can actually try other tribes.


more than the case for the color, how to achieve it?

1 guide to your blog on

2, guide WeChat large up

3, direct QQ one-way friends

drainage in this way

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