How to write a copy of the product

we believe that every product is the manufacturer for a long time, Polish created favourite work.

of these products have characteristics and characteristics of hidden, there are many bad things hidden in the dark.

every time we come into contact with those who make products to people, listen to their introduction created their own products, their eyes, as if it were his life off the reel, the highest level of favourite work.

customers and products, but also often let us learn a lot of usually do not understand the knowledge.

most of the time, we make the same client write write for a long time, the customer will take us as a friend, because he found it only if we can understand his intentions — better than his employees.

the first thing to share with you is

how to write the product very powerful feeling?

first thing to understand is, what kind of product you will feel very powerful?

in general, to feel very powerful there are two conditions.

1 you know the difficulty of the practice.

2 you feel the benefits of the product.

this can be extended in three directions, you will feel this product is powerful.

1 you know how to do this, and he’s doing a great job.

2 you don’t know how to do this, but he did it badly.

3 you know how to do this, but I don’t know why he can do it.

every technology even if you know how to do, but you do not really go deep into the essence of learning or learning.

most of our technology is only in the degree of understanding.

it’s like we’re going to learn a little bit about psychology, engineering, astronomy, mechanics, some code, etc..

when we are in a general understanding of the situation, help us respect and admiration for the field.

just like everyone basically knows what cooking is all about, they do a couple of dishes, but they don’t think they’re a chef.

but also, for those of us who are great cooks, we can pay tribute.

because we know, so we know it’s not easy.

well, here’s the principle, we have to say the method.

to write the product of the worst, the best way is:

describe details

we often say: details can make you different from others.

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