Difficult to pain group purchase website

domestic group purchase website from the previous outbreak is now the big decline, the ups and downs already change radically between the hidden danger. At present, the whole industry is still in the throes of cyclotron dawn needlestick, throughout the development trend, from the early to now have to open the financing difficulties faced by the group purchase website throttle, out of necessity.

open source – Crazy financing

After the

group purchase website into a vicious competition, everyone in the fight against rob financing, staking, who will have to get the financing cost of operation, but it can get the financing of the website is limited within the industry are using this means to attempt to outlast competitors, who is no longer capable of throwing money, who exit. But no one is to rely on a huge turnover of their own to support the operation of the only open source, which in itself is a bottomless pit, did not form the site itself real capital chain, obviously this is not the normal business and reasonable development pattern. The financing is not a permanent solution, to get B round of financing has been scanty, the dilemma is all inevitable.

throttle – Crazy layoffs

When the

financing blocked, and the site itself to poor profitability, only through the website to live frugally, maintain the overall operation from the control of operating costs, plus many small sites have come to the edge of despair, which appeared in the large and small group purchase website crazy layoffs phenomenon. However, the serious consequences of layoffs is also significant, the site dropped sharply, reducing personnel directly brought a sharp decline in orders, earnings shrink. Obviously this way is not the best guarantee of throttling through this round of the difficulties of the group purchase website.

– those vicious spiral

buy site before the emergence of a website thousands of people thriving situation, the expansion of the scale of the site is one of the means to obtain financing. Just imagine how thousands of employees need a huge number to feed, the cost is extremely pompous. And now no longer financing, the site is not profitable, the site is bound to reduce the size of employees. Slash employee size itself is the site to go downhill, group purchase website into a desperate fight, which have some meaning in a cocoon around oneself.

people have no clear understanding of the reason of e-commerce, the whole market is too blind, false bubble caused by the entire industry, we are thinking in the wave of stampede in a cup of soup. After this round of cold, a series of tests and exploration, perhaps the whole buy site can really usher in a normal and reasonable to adapt to the market development model and ecological environment.

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