Comment electricity supplier fluke should also be investigated in the end

recently, the media exposure of a company called Yi Peng sunny "of the enterprise, through forged merchandise authorization, customs single way, selling fake luxury goods in, Jingdong, shop No. 1 more electricity supplier platform. In this regard, and Jingdong admitted selling fake products, but have said responsibility in the third party merchants, for the question of knowing and selling fake, the United States relevant responsible person said "really do not know what they are selling fakes".

is the third party supplier, is "don’t know", this occurred in the electric business selling fake storm, it is reminiscent of the fluke event has not yet subsided. But if you taste carefully, KFC, McDonald’s sales of carrion give people the feeling that in the face of business platform to be startled at; selling fake luxury goods, many consumer response is "surprising" and "right enough", which reflects the market trend of thought.

of the luxury goods business accused of selling fake in recent years in the common sense and logic can be heard without end, on the 88% off, you can buy Armani, Burberry, Hermes so big is hardly convincing. But the lack of relevant laws and regulations and supervision, so knowing and selling fake "doubt can end in doubts, no in-depth investigation and authoritative conclusion, naturally can not really grasp the selling. But in any case, the words "don’t know" is not a substitute for the truth, an apology can not dodge out any responsibility and punishment.

fluke event after exposure, a joint investigation team to act quickly the food and Drug Administration and public security components, sealing production line, control the responsibility; the Yi Peng sunny, don’t stop the next frame, closed shop and return? The new consumer law operators fraud retreat one lose three, Yi Peng only 50 sunny company monthly, but the amount of up to tens of millions, those who buy fake deceived consumers how to obtain compensation and justice? The new law also provides online trading platform of "knowingly" or "should know" the seller infringes the lawful rights and interests of consumers, did not take the necessary measures, jointly and severally liable to the seller. These responsibilities who urge to meet


fluke event after exposure, the McDonald’s food source in a thorough investigation; according to reports, sunny Yi Peng also gave a number of electronic business platform in supply, Jingdong called "Cabernet fashion, in the United States (micro-blog) online called" Cabernet luxury goods in the Amazon, is the "Hengye luxury goods". The major fraud and how much spare, have a check in the end? Business selling is not a case, closed a Yi Peng sunny, how can we ensure this platform is the only vendor fake? In other large and small business platform, similar to the exposure of fake suppliers and who is


a fluke exposed Chinese western fast food, a sunny Yi Peng disturbed China compared with the electricity supplier, food safety supervision, business and operational lack of legislation more and more loopholes. How to improve the system construction, the implementation of the responsibility sector, the establishment of a standardized regulatory system, these are the urgent challenge.

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